Have you ever attended a conference or event that required name tags? You know the kind, the ones where you are handed a Sharpie and a fill-in-the-blank name tag that reads “HELLO, MY NAME IS ____________.”

You print out your name and walk into the room. It’s time to mingle and meet your colleagues. At SherBand, we’re your colleagues. Your neighbors. Your friends. We’re people who care about our ability to connect in Sherburne County. We represent you.

Here’s who we are…

The SherBand Sub-Committee is comprised of more than twenty local economic development professionals, elected officials, chambers of commerce, library, education and workforce development representatives, and business leaders. You’ve seen us at local fairs, farmers’ markets, music festivals and other events to spread the word of the importance of robust broadband infrastructure and services. We attend conferences and host meetings. We even wear name tags.

Over the past year, we have heard hundreds of stories from residents and businesses struggling to receive reliable and affordable broadband service. We’ve generated conversations and collaborated with people from all corners of our county.

SherBand was born by a common desire to bring better broadband to ALL of Sherburne County. Our role is to help:

  • educate residents—providing accurate, timely information
  • raise public awareness
  • identify community broadband champions
  • encourage conversations that inspire action
  • provide a venue for planning and visioning
  • voice Sherburne County’s needs with lawmakers and other decision makers

We’ve brought community members together for successful partnerships. For example, the county now donates all of their expired computers to PC’s for People, allowing a wide variety of county residents to have digital access for the first time.

We understand broadband is necessary for:

  • economic development
  • healthcare access
  • robust education
  • public safety

Join Us!

We’re here because we recognize that broadband access—and the skills to use it—are fundamental to the overall quality of life for ALL residents of Sherburne County. But, we can’t do this alone. While we may be active on the committee, we are not exclusive. We need you—your input, your voice, your support.

Here are some upcoming opportunities for you to get involved:

February 8 – Elk River School District meeting

February 18 – MN Broadband Policy Conference, St. Paul

hosted by the Minnesota Telecom Alliance and the Minnesota Cable Communications Association

Register to attend at the following link: http://www.mnta.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=756159

Please join us, your neighbors, as we help make robust, accessible broadband a reality in Sherburne County. Call Dan Weber, Assistant County Administrator at 763-765-3007 to learn more about how you can make a difference.

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