Whether a large, established business, a small family business, or a start-up company, broadband opens the doors of a community by inviting customers and new business alike. In a world dependent on digital connections, businesses require robust connection speeds for telecommunications, creating the ability to share information immediately across the county or across the world.

Companies—both rural and urban—rely on broadband for immediate online sources of news and information relative to their industries. Banks, health service providers, retailers, and government organizations depend on robust, reliable broadband to provide services to their clients.

While many people in the county have access to broadband, many rural residents and businesses do not. In other areas, the broadband speeds are inadequate for the types of data that business owners need to compete.

“The Internet is here to stay. Robust, reliable, affordable broadband will benefit Sherburne County’s economic development for future generations. Easy access to reliable, cost effective internet services has become a facilitator of economic growth.”

—Dan Weber, Sherburne County Economic Development Specialist


Successful communities require the essential infrastructure needed for manufacturers, retailers, farms, and service industries to efficiently operate and thrive in a digitally-connected world. Along with water, roads, and electricity, this infrastructure includes broadband with adequate bandwidth to run a business both today and in the future.

“Broadband access is critical for existing Sherburne County businesses to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.”

—Jolene Foss, Princeton Economic Development Director