High speed broadband is quickly changing educational opportunities across the nation, and Sherburne County is no exception. Like other rural areas of the state, we recognize the critical need to connect every student with high-speed Internet access, ensuring every student receives a 21st century education. Greater broadband access creates a culture in which learning becomes more interactive, both inside and outside of the classroom, allowing for a more collaborative learning experience.

Implementation of broadband to all corners of our county will provide all districts with innumerable educational opportunities, including:

  • use of updated online textbooks
  • participation in paperless standardized testing
  • ability to take online courses instructed by an expert in a particular field
  • interaction with other students—around the state and around the world
  • improved, faster communication between school and home
  • greater efficiency in administrative tasks
  • improved readiness for post-secondary education

“In education today, access to broadband is a determining factor in instruction. A child’s education in rural Sherburne County isn’t limited by where they are physically, but is limited by broadband access.”

—Joseph Samek    ISD 728  District Technology Manager