From the most up-to-date news, entertainment options, and photography to simply talking with loved ones, improved broadband access can bring global relationships into the heart of Sherburne County. High speed broadband allows users to upload photos and video chat with family members living overseas or just down the street.


Adequate broadband access enables residents to use online services to add convenience and comfort to their homes. Whether it’s streaming movies in through media players or playing interactive video games, broadband provides convenient access to home entertainment.

Imagine closing your garage door or turning on the furnace or air conditioner remotely, or even checking on a pet with a mobile device. Whether it is managing household energy use, monitoring humidity, or optimizing a security system with remote access cameras, broadband provides options for both security and convenience. High-speed broadband access would make these and other conveniences possible for residents of Sherburne County.


Because broadband provides the ability to move more data at faster speeds, it can be a useful tool for public safety services. Broadband technologies can also be used to regulate stop lights, monitor road construction, and alert the public of potential dangerous situations such as severe weather. Access to broadband services improves outcomes for police, firefighters, and first responders through real-time data and immediate support.

“A reliable and robust broadband network is an essential tool in the public safety realm. Specialized communication services utilized by first responders that rely on broadband networks help ensure that public safety needs are being met during emergencies through proper organization and effective communication at a local, state and federal level.”

  —Sheriff Joel Brott, Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office