The Big Picture

We all take advantage of broadband in our every day lives—whether we realize it or not. It may be a call to the clinic where the staff utilizes an electronic record-keeping system. Or a simple visit to the library. It might be a purchase at the grocery store where they scan product codes at the register. Or an email from … Read More

Broadband and the Sandwich Generation

How broadband can help you care for your aging parents Are you between the ages of 40 and 60 with aging parents who need your care and assistance? Do you have dependent children still at home? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you are part of the “sandwich generation.” You understand the pressures of maintaining a household and … Read More

Broadband — A Vital Core Service

Broadband is one of the greatest equalizers today. It helps level the playing field, giving rural businesses the opportunity to compete on a global level. It allows all children, regardless of income or geography, a chance to access the same knowledge base. It provides access to medical interventions and support systems, connecting patients to providers across the street and across … Read More

Broadband Q & A with Senator Matt Schmit

A proponent of broadband expansion, Senator Matt Schmit represents District 21 in the Minnesota Senate. Elected in 2012, Schmit serves as Vice Chair of the Senate Jobs, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, which oversees telecommunications issues. He also sits on the Capital Investment and Energy and Environment policy committees, as well as the Environment, Agriculture, and Economic Development finance division. … Read More

Proud of our Progress

More than 170 people—including SherBand representatives—gathered in November at the 2015 Border to Border Broadband: Better Together conference and worked together to create and adopt a new vision for broadband for our state: Everyone in Minnesota will be able to use convenient, affordable world-class broadband networks that enable us to survive and thrive in our communities and across the globe. … Read More

3 Broadband Challenges We Can Overcome

Broadband is a game-changer for communities—a conduit for economic vitality and business growth. It’s the indispensable infrastructure of our time. Unfortunately, however, broadband access is not a slam-dunk. In spite of the necessity and obvious benefits, we have challenges to overcome in bringing robust broadband to ALL corners of Sherburne County. 1.  Location Location Location Private providers are looking for … Read More

More Broadband Buzz in Education

Dusty chalkboards will soon be relics of the past. With support from robust broadband, digital technology is transforming education as we know it. Digital learning has opened up countless opportunities for both students and educators. What is Digital Learning? Digital learning is any instructional practice that uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. It provides access to challenging content … Read More


Have you ever attended a conference or event that required name tags? You know the kind, the ones where you are handed a Sharpie and a fill-in-the-blank name tag that reads “HELLO, MY NAME IS ____________.” You print out your name and walk into the room. It’s time to mingle and meet your colleagues. At SherBand, we’re your colleagues. Your … Read More


Lately, it seems like we’re hearing a lot more buzz about broadband in Minnesota. That’s a good thing. We believe conversations generate action. And we need action. As we read about technology, the words digital inclusion and digital literacy keep cropping up. What exactly do they mean? Digital Inclusion Digital inclusion is the ability of individuals and groups to access … Read More