We Wish You A Prosperous, Connected New Year!

As we turn the calendar page to 2016, we want to re-introduce ourselves—and our commitment—to you. We are SherBand. We’re here because we recognize that broadband access—and the skills to use it—are fundamental to the overall quality of life for ALL residents of Sherburne County. We understand broadband is necessary for: economic development healthcare access robust education public safety Watch … Read More

Broadband: How are YOU Connecting?

Every day, broadband is connecting the unconnected. It opens doors and builds relationships. It grows businesses and saves lives. From education and economic development to healthcare and public safety, people continue to benefit from living in a fully digitalized world. If you think broadband doesn’t affect you, think again. Consider for a moment how your communication has changed in only … Read More

Ask SherBand

What Sherburne County residents really want to know about broadband Our SherBand committee has had an exciting and productive year. In our efforts to educate residents on the importance of  affordable, reliable broadband service for all corners of our county, we’ve been out meeting with people in our communities. You may have seen us this summer at the county fair … Read More

Broadband: Essential for Public Safety

Fire Protection When the bell rings and the Elk River firefighters respond to a call, they rely on more than shiny red trucks and blaring sirens to keep them safe. They depend on clear, effective, timely communication as they respond to approximately 450 calls annually. Whether responding to a fire alarm, a structure fire, a car accident, or a community … Read More

Looking Ahead with Bernadine Joselyn of Blandin Foundation

Since making rural broadband use and access a focus in 2003, Blandin Foundation has partnered with leaders in nearly 70 Minnesota communities and 110 organizations (including SherBand) to help establish sustainable broadband adoption. The goals of enriched quality of life fuel the work of this Grand Rapids based Foundation. Today, we’ll talk with Bernadine Joselyn, Blandin Foundation’s Director of Public … Read More

Back to the Basics

Sometimes it feels like we’re learning another language when it comes to broadband jargon. Between bits and bytes and fiber and bandwidth, what does it all mean? Today, we’ll get back to the basics and answer some frequently asked questions. What Is broadband? The term “broadband” is used a lot; however, it’s not always used accurately. Broadband does not refer … Read More

Our Libraries Rely On Broadband

Did you know? Minnesota libraries offer vital digital access and resources to their communities. 99% offer access to online job and employment resources 97% provide access to online homework assistance 99% provide access to e-books 99% offer free Wi-Fi to their patrons 97% offer technology training “The three Sherburne county libraries (Becker, Big Lake and Elk River) are a part … Read More

The 3 Rs and a B: Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic and Broadband

Thanks to the Internet, learning opportunities for students have exploded! Learning is no longer restricted to the four walls of a classroom or to a single educator by the chalk board. Students and educators have the means to connect, communicate and collaborate like never before. Creativity and critical thinking have no boundaries. Teachers have endless resources and support materials as … Read More