SherBand means business!

Whether a large international company, a small family business, or a start-up company, high-speed internet is a necessity—not a luxury—in today’s marketplace. Our world is dependent on digital connections and businesses require robust connection speeds in order to efficiently share information across the county or across the world. Ramona Voight operates Ramona’s Custom Embroidery from her Big Lake home. She … Read More

Broadband: A Critical Component of Rural Healthcare

The one that nearly got away Imagine heading up north to your favorite lake for a relaxing day of fishing. You’ve picked up bait at the local bait shop and packed your Thermos. Eager to get out to your secret spot, you and your buddy are unloading the boat when you feel something come over you—something very wrong. You collapse … Read More

Broadband Language Doesn’t Have to be Mega-confusing

Kilo…giga…mega…bits…bytes. The language of broadband can be so confusing! While ‘megabit” may sound like a word from a futuristic Star Trek episode, a megabit is actually just a measurement of data. To help clarify broadband speed definitions, here’s a summary as defined by the FCC: The prefix ‘kilo’ means thousand. One Kbps equals 1000 bits per second (bps). Kbps (capital … Read More

Rethinking Services: Beyond Water and Sewer

Rethinking Services: Beyond Water and Sewer What do you think of when you consider the core utilities within your community? potable water electricity safe roads emergency services sanitation In days past, these may have been enough. But, in today’s world, one key service is clearly missing from this list. Internet access. Specifically, affordable high-speed broadband access. Broadband: What’s the big … Read More

Unlock the Secret to Success in Sherburne County

What’s the secret to a vibrant, economically-successful county? Great communication! From business success to personal quality of life, access to high-speed broadband brings vital communication options to communities and rural areas alike. It connects people across the county and across the globe. Let’s Get Connected! Welcome to our first blog. In this forum, our SherBand: Partnering for Broadband team will … Read More