Simply defined, broadband is an always-on, high-speed Internet connection that allows users to download and manage large files and data quickly and easily.

Broadband is the backbone of the Internet, telephone networks, cable networks, and business networks; providing a high-speed transmission link from a home, business or school to the World-Wide Web and other digital resources. It replaces a traditional “dial-up” telephone connection and allows you to use multiple services at the same time. For example, you don’t need to disconnect from the Internet to make a telephone call.

Broadband is available for different technologies (laptops, mobile phones, tablets, TVs) and from many different internet service providers (ISPs). With compatible equipment, broadband connections allow a user to support many different devices at once. You can access the Internet (i.e., surf the world-wide-web, listen to music, check your email, visit social media sites, etc.), watch TV, and use your telephone.

SherBand is established to partner with residents to help Sherburne County meet the statewide broadband goal of 10 to 20 Mbps to every home and business—securing our county’s economic competitiveness and vitality.