The landscape of communication is changing and technology plays a crucial role in the progression. Recent studies show that 85% of Americans 18 and older use the Internet at least occasionally. What many don’t understand is how broadband positively impacts people and communities, improving the lives of individuals, families, and businesses. Whether used by entrepreneurs to engage in e-commerce or by doctors to share X-rays, broadband significantly increases efficiency and productivity.

While many people in Sherburne County do have access to broadband, many residents and businesses simply do not. Approximately 65% of our county residents are classified as underserved or unserved by Connect Minnesota. These people have limited access and inadequate broadband speeds for the types of data that business owners need to compete in our global economy.

Broadband provides residents with greater access to information, entertainment and the opportunity to telecommute in their jobs.

The benefits of countywide broadband include:

  • an enhanced ability to recruit new businesses
  • a greater likelihood that existing businesses will survive
  • a more vibrant quality of life
  • expanded entertainment and recreational opportunities
  • a more stable tax base
  • expanded healthcare options
  • stronger communication among county organizations

At SherBand, we are working diligently to showcase the importance of true high speed broadband access for ALL county residents. Formed by diverse group of county stakeholders, SherBand recognizes the need for affordable, reliable broadband availability in our county to benefit : education, healthcare, economic and business development, and quality of life.

Feel free to explore this site for more information and reach us through our Contact page.

Working together, we can connect Sherburne County!